Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Going To Be Baking Once Again - I Vow!

A long, long time ago I used to bake cakes! I even think I had one of those easy bake ovens as a child!

Thoughts of baking again have again entered my mind and I was recently reminded of it when I was watching one of Martha Stewart's shows!

I haven't baked in so long that I am sorely lacking in baking materials! I did manage to find my old rolling pin and found the sifter that sifts the flour. I have maybe one or two baking pans and I know that there is a mixer around here somewhere but I haven't found it yet - LOL! But it will be fun to buy some new baking tools and I look forward to that!

About the closest that I have come to baking in recent times was when I last bought some cornbread mix (they were on sale - 3 for a $1 - LOL!) I had bought the mix but I didn't have any eggs or milk to add to it and I had to wait. But once I did get the eggs and milk and made - it tasted great! - and this furthered my longing and desire to bake once again!

I have been buying my pastry items from the bakery at my local supermarket mostly because its quick and painless but I have been longing to get back to baking once again and its something that I really want to get back into.