Monday, December 14, 2009

Gordon Ramsey Is In Financial Trouble?

It seems that popular restauranteur Gordon Ramsey is in financial trouble! If there ever was a way to make money doing something that you love to do then Gordon Ramsey is a perfect example of someone who can make money doing something that they love to do!

Gordon Ramsey has a couple of successful cooking related shows on television including Kitchen Nightmare and "The F Word". He also has several successful restaurants as well.

But according to an online article Gordon Ramsey is in serious financial trouble! It seems that some of the eateries that he owns are in serious financial trouble. It is reported that he has even closed one of them. Also reported is that he defaulted on a large loan.

I am a big fan of Gordon Ramsey - although I do think that he can sometimes be a little too harsh on people. But I did like one of the scenes from one of his tv shows where he berated a customer when the customer complained that the food was bad and Gordon Ramsey thought that she was wrong! It just goes to show you that the customer is not always right!

Gordon Ramsey has a lot of potential to make money! His tv shows are highly successful and I'm sure that he earns a lot of money from them! He can also make money with his books as well.

I hope that this is only a temporary thing that is going on with him and I wish him all the success in the world!