Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Weather Supplies!

There's nothing more better than being able to have a warm, hot cup of hot chocolate on a cold winters day! And believe me this is a cold winters day! My area was hit with a major snowstorm over the last 24 hours and the wind chills are going to go down to zero!

I posted on my Homeowner's Blog about how cold it is tonight and how the rooms are drafty because of the gusty winds! So its great to be able to have a nice cup of hot chocolate to drink! This is one of my little pleasures in life!

However sad to say that I am running out of hot chocolate

I'm grateful that I have enough money to buy me some more hot chocolate but I have to brave those inches of snow to get it!

I named this blog post "Winter Weather Supplies" mostly to remind myself of all the things / groceries that I should be stocked up on just in case I'm snowed in - LOL!

  • hot chocolate!

  • tea (and sugar and lemon and honey and brandy!)

  • coffee (and sugar and non-dairy creamer/milk)

  • rock salt! - have to clear the sidewalk!

  • soup!

  • aspirin - when I feel a flu or virus coming on

I'm sorely lacking in supplies but at least I'm grateful that I have enough money to be able to stock up once again!