Monday, April 21, 2008

Fast Food - Don't Get Me Wrong Because I Like Fast Food Too!

Even though this blog is about how I am learning to love cooking that doesn't mean that I don't partake in the pleasures of fast food! In fact I now have a new ritual that I have gotten from The Adsense Consultant.

When I receive an adsense payment I will take at least some of it and order out. I'll order something like a pizza and either a cheeseburger, cheese steak (Philly is famous for their cheese steaks!)some wings or whatever gets my fancy!

My favorite fast food place is still McDonalds! My used to be favorite was Church's Chicken which I think was the best tasting chicken in the world! I don't see them around anymore although some people have told me that they are still in existence!

So even I still love to cook I do have my "fast food" moments!

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