Friday, February 22, 2008

"You Are What You Eat"

I have really come to like this show a lot (except for the "pooh" part!)

Here in the states it comes on my Dish TV's BBC America channel.

A woman named Gillian (who is a dietrician / nutrionalist shows people what is wrong with their diets.

The show starts out showing a person and their physical attributes (and the troubles that they are having if they are considered obese) and then it shows their eating habits and then it shows a showing of the food that they have consumed during the week! I must say that I can see myself in some of those showings. Even though I am discovering the joys of cooking I do have my moments when I will order a pizza or something. I love buying donuts at my local grocery store and usually buy them for a quick fix!

The best part of the show that I like is when Gillian shows them their new "diet" which is a sampling of more healthier foods that they should be eating. Here is where I get ideas about what healthy foods that I should be buying for my own self!

The show goes on to show the people adjusting to and eating their new diet and then show the end results of how they have progresses after being on their new and healthy diets. The end results are quite good! Problems like diabetes that were shown at the beginning of the show have improved. A lot of times their skin is more healthy and sometimes their skin is even glowing! Of course it goes without mention that they have lost weight and have come down in clothing sizes.

The ending result of the show is how the people look after partaking in their new diets and whether or not they will be able to stay on their new diets.

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