Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Found An Absolutely GREAT Cooking-Related Blog!

I read the first entry on this blog and now I know I'm hooked!

The name of the blog is The Real Home Chef!

It's by a woman who is a wife and mother who enjoys cooking.

I glanced at some of the entries and the recipies (and the pictures) look absolutely yummy!


Real Home Chef said...

thanks for the comment and blogging about my blog!

I hope you'll enjoy the coffee.

BTW I like your recipes too! Interesting entries and your egg breakfast looks delicious.

MartinM377 said...

Well I know that breakfast is an important meal - it is a good start for one's day.

As much as I like having eggs my breakfast's vary between "fattening" and healthy!

Eggs are pretty much a staple for breakfast and I'm trying to find alternative - like I already have pancakes and just coffee and pastry for breakfast - but I'll have to think of some more alternatives