Sunday, March 23, 2008

What's For Dinner Tonight? - Baked Chicken Wings Seasoned With Onions Garlic and Lemon Slices

The "seasoning" thing came about because of the way that I learned how to roast a turkey for Thanksgiving. There was a lot of preparation involved when I made my Thanksgiving turkey last year and I thought that since I was baking the same rules would apply even if it was chicken (or pork chops). It worked very well with the pork chops so I decided to try it again with the chickens that I have.

Plus I like the baking method of cooking because I like the smell that it makes throughout the house while I'm doing something else - usually while I'm at the computer like now!

So right now my chicken wings are baking in the oven. They have about an hour to go before I will go check on them.

The side dish that I am going to have with the chicken wings will be rice!

I know its important to eat healthy so that is why I have the rice in the first place.

Also too I'm planning to "pig out" when I get my Adsense check next week!

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